November 21



Hi peeps are you ready to hear about my week?  Because I know I am. But before we start close your eyes and think about the best thing you have done this week.  I have done a lot of really cool things but I will just talk about a few.


First I want to talk about the book i’m reading cald Pumpkins Story.  I am loving this book and its moving my dot because it is a different genre than I usually read and it is also exercises different parts of my brain.  Plus it’s also about a cute horse so it’s a win win.

Now I need to tell you about the best part of my week.  In science class we are learning about symbiosis.  Symbiosis is wear 2 different species have a mutual,commensal and parasitic relation.  Mutual is where both organisms are helped. Commensalism is wear only one organism is helped and one is not harmed or helped.  But parasitism is where one organism is helped and one is harmed.


Thank you for reading my blog bye bye.

October 28

MY WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi agen peeps I hope you are having A great day.  I have some really cool things that I want to share with you.  This week I got A new class job!  A class job is were we have to do something to clean the room, so my jobs are cleaning our class living room and doing the diffuser.  For the living room I have to make sure that are no pencils books or anything else in there. Then I use a wipe and dust of everything. For the diffuser I make sure it is filled with water then I drop sent in it.  My favorite scent to put in is orange and mint.

In my class we have have something called studio time so that means we can read or write.  When I am doing studio I like to write comics because I always like to draw but I can’t just draw.  So comick writing is just like drawing with words in it. I always make my comics in my sketchbook. My process of making comics is really fun because the characters just pop into my head.  So I write about them And this is my favorite comic.


I also just finished reading Resist.  I thought it was amazing.  Resist is A book about D-Day and world war two.  I suggest you read it.


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING BY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 11

my school year so far





Hi peeps, how are you doing?  I know that I’m doing great. As you know this is my first post, so let’s make this a full out awesome year. Sorry full out is a gymnastics skill.  I am huge about gymnastics now let’s get back on topic. This blog is about me and personalized learning. Personalized learning is the best and so am I. 


When people think about learning thare mind usually goes straight to school.  But it shouldn’t. Everyone thinks school is horrible and all it is is learning.  Did you know if you did not learn in life you would probably be bored because you learn everyware.  Say you really wanted to do gymnastics but you don’t know how well you have to learn the skills to do gymnastics. So next time you think about learning and your mind goes straight to boring school just think about your favorite thing to do and most likely that thing has to do with learning.


  I have some questions for you!  Do you have tests and quizzes in your class? well I don’t.  Can you read whatever you want to without a teacher telling you to read a searton book? well i can.  And most of all, do you have a choice of what to do most of the time? well I do because I learn in a personalized learning classroom.  I have done so many cool things this year, But my favorite activity is writing. I love to write!


 Now I hope we will have an amazing year together.  I really hope that I can show you learning can be fun.  This year we we will go on a gurnie throw the learning world together.  I hope you enjoyed by and see you next time.